Aunto Development Group believes that everyone should be protected from harassment, hate, racism and trolls. We remove users from our platforms when they break our guidelines and terms. The following guidelines apply to Says.


You cannot do the following. If you do, a Guidelines Strike will be issued and in severe cases, a blacklist:

Doing the following will result in an instant blacklist:


Usage Guidelines Strikes are given when users break our Usage Guidelines. Strikes never expire but can be appealed if made out of error.

This is how we handle strike counts:

  1. You will receive one strike. This acts as your official warning.
  2. You will receive one strike and a 7 day blacklist from using Says.
  3. You will receive one strike and a permanent blacklist from using Says. You can appeal a maximum of 3 times with at least 2 weeks between them.


Aunto Development Group doesn't own or operate any punishments that are not officially given by us. If you have been banned from a server, use their appeal process if they have one. We will not remove warnings, unmute or unban users. It's simply not our job to.